This Internal Brace provides a quick, simple and inexpensive way of providing fly point attachments to loudspeaker cabinets while adding cabinet integrity by securing the panels to each other.

These alloy steel angle brackets serve as braces, joining side panels to top, bottom and back panels. The additional bracing helps to prevent catastrophic cabinet failures that can occur from such causes such as joint fatigue, particle board fracturing and plywood delamination when cabinets are suspended and operated for prolonged periods.

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Standard Features

  • Tapered thread housing – builds strength as force is applied
  • All host material – no fittings that can fall out
  • Tack down holes – bracket may be tacked, screwed or glued
  • American and metric threads available
  • Color coded to identify differing thread sizes


Descriptions: 3/8-16 Internal Brace (gold zinc)  
WLL Per Point: 246 lb. / 112 Kg  
Design Factor: 10:1  
Weight: .21 lb. / .09 Kg  
Ship Weight: 22 lb. / 10 Kg  


Optional Acessories

  • Flat head screws
  • Drop forged eyebolts

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Warning: Mounting and/or suspension loudspeakers requires experienced professionals. Improperly installed loudspeakers can result in property damage, personal injury and/or liability to the installing contractor.