Channel Strut Cross Over Kit



This complete cross-over kit provides all the necessary hardware to clamp two channel strut sections together perpendicularly, one over the other. This kit allows for a fast, secure method of clamping these structural sections together to assemble larger fabrications. Non-loosening and sound isolated hardware is included to assure a firm, long lasting and sound dampened connection.

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Standard Features

  • Creates 90 degree junction for strut
  • Secure and load-rated
  • Fast easy installation
  • Vibration isolating components


Package Contents

Material: Structural Steel 1 pc Z Shaped Bracket
Finish: Bright Zinc 1 pc ½-13 Hex Bolt x 5” Long
Color: Silver 1 pc ½-13 Hex Bolt x 3 ½” Long
Design Factor: XXXXXXX 4 pcs Sound Isolation Washers
WLL: 779 lbs / 354 Kg. (Assembly Rating) 2 pcs ½-13 Nyloc Hex Nuts
Shipping Weight: 1.6 lbs / .73 Kg. 1 pc Flat Capture Plate


Optional Acessories

  • See strut accessories datasheet
  • See threaded rod datasheet
  • See threaded pipe datasheet

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