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GridLink™ Pivoting Beam Connector


Material: Structural Steel Alloy
Finish: Powder coat
Colors: Flat black & off-white

Overhead Suspension System

The GridLink™ Rigging Beam System provides the foundation for building quick and reliable loudspeaker suspension grids using predictable load-rated, modular and off-theshelf components. Cabinets are suspended then aimed precisely and without affecting the angles of the other cabinets.

GridLink™ suspension grids are comprised of standard length beams and beam connectors. The GridLink™ connectors act as a heavy-duty beam coupler and loadrated suspension point. In addition, they pivot horizontally to create a wide variety of grid sizes and shapes including rectangles, squares, hexagons and triangles.

Once assembled the Gridlink™ provides a solid suspension system for full arrays and clusters in single and multiple tiers offering unprecedented precision and ease in the aiming of loudspeakers. Up to 360° of horizontal adjustment is attainable using the Gridlink™ Cross Arm Kit and 90° of vertical adjustment is achievable through the use of ALLEN U-Series mounts and the Steerable™ Tilt Cable Kit system

GridLink™ suspension grids make permanent and live sound installations fast and efficient and lend themselves ideally to theaters, churches, school, auditoriums, fitness centers, gymnasiums and theme parks.

GridLink™ Rigging Beam components are produced from rugged structural steel shapes and come with domestically produced and load rated suspension hardware to assure strong and reliable installations.


Model #: Description: WLL: lbs/kg
SAS-024-SB 23.75” Gridlink™ beam 650/295
SAS-036-RB 35.75” Gridlink™ beam 600/272
SAS-048-RB 47.75” Gridlink™ beam 550/250
SAS-066-RB 65.75” Gridlink™ beam 500/227


Model #: Description: WLL: lbs/kg
1. SAS-GL SAS-GL GridLink™ Connector kit 2200/1000
2. SAS-GLT SAS-GLT GridLink™ T-Connector kit 2200/1000
3. SAS-100-CA SAS-100-CA GridLink™ Cross Arm kit 300/136
4. SAS-EB-KT SAS-EB-KT Eyebolt suspension kit 2200/1000
5. TCK-XXX Steerables™ Tilt Cable kit 220/100
6. GT-024 GridLink Tensioner Kit Does Not Apply


Modular approach to arrays and clusters
Quick set up and aiming
Off the shelf, ready-to-ship to the job site
Ultra-precise loudspeaker aiming
Multiple tier capable
Predictable, load rated components


GridLink™ Connector locked at 90° angle for square and rectangular shaped grids


GridLink™ Connector locked at 120° angle for hexagon shaped grids