Benefits of Ceiling Mounted Speakers in the Home

The Benefits of Having Surround Sound Speakers in the Ceiling

Surround sound systems are commonly found in most American homes. However, very few of them utilize overhead ceiling speakers. While it isn’t necessary to have these for a good audio output, it is recommended for top-of-the-line sound and audio. This really appeals to large families, movie critics and filmography studies majors. It may take a bit of time to install this professional looking set up, but it is more than worth it for long-time homeowners.

Mounted Speakers in Home

Amp Up the Surround Sound

The standard wall-mounted speakers do not fill a room as evenly as you might think. The sound from these speakers travels horizontally, with some reflection off of items and furniture within the room. However, the sound is not able to be directed up or down; it can only be slanted. For the overhead speakers, they rest on ceiling speaker mounts within the ceiling, sending audio downward. Some speakers are able to be tilted as well. Tweeters would be excellent candidates for ceiling mounting.

Eliminate Wires

By installing speakers into the ceiling and running the wires through the walls, the homeowner can completely eliminate obvious wires. Wires can run above the ceiling and down the wall to the receiving system. Speaker wires are unsightly and messy, especially when someone has a rather large, impressive surround sound system. There could be upwards of 12 wires running to different speakers within the room.

Minimize Clutter

For people who prefer minimalism or cannot stand clutter, having speakers strewn about the room can drastically increase their stress level. Instead, mounting speakers within the walls and ceiling makes them much more seamless and less invasive in the living space. Using both ceiling and wall mounts reduces clutter within the walls by spacing speakers out evenly throughout the room. For small living spaces, this can be a huge blessing.