Collaboration Video Walls in Conference Rooms

In business today, no one can go it alone. More than ever, works gets done in teams. That’s one reason why company executives and government leaders are having collaboration video walls installed in their conference rooms.

Interaction in real-time is possible with the latest video wall designs and installations. These large video displays – called “collaboration video walls” make it easy for employees from remote locations to all appear on the screen and to see what’s being displayed on the conference room screen. Some displays can be as large as 5 feet high and 15 feet long.

A collaboration video wall can be operated by remote control and can show all types of media – including Internet pages, reports, charts and graphs, maps, and more. It can be set up as a dynamic display so that team members can go up to the screen and move elements around with a swipe of their fingers (similar to the way someone uses their smartphone just on a much larger screen.)

Of course, video walls in conference rooms provide an excellent setting for a sales presentations when prospective customers and partners come to visit. Whether it’s for a company location or a government building, collaboration video walls can mean the difference between a successful meeting and one that doesn’t look as professional as possible. It’s an investment that keeps on giving.

Wow them next time when they see what you’ve added to the conference room!

To discuss how your company (or a government facility) can benefit from a collaboration video wall in the conference room, contact Adaptive Technologies Group at (562) 424-1100.





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