Creative Uses for Video at a Conference

How Video Screens Can Improve Your Next Conference

The benefits of video screens are many, from accessibility of information to appealing to the most common styles of learning. You may already know the benefits of using high-resolution video screens during business meetings and in eye-catching window displays, but you may not realize how many creative uses there are for video screens at conferences. Here are some unique ways to use screens to take your next conference from ordinary to extraordinary.

Creative Uses for Video at a Conference

High-Tech Signage

More conference centers and hotels are offering conference organizers the chance to create a customized image and message to display to guests. Finding events and looking for a schedule are some of the most cumbersome aspects of attending a conference. Make it easy for your attendees to know exactly where and when a workshop is taking place with convenient video signage on the day of the event.

Booth Video

Conferences are filled with screens, but most vendors and company booths overlook their importance when it comes to attracting visitors. The most obvious benefit of a video screen at your booth is that it allows you to play a relevant video or slideshow that answers many of the basic questions that can lead to serious traffic congestion. Save your booth workers and your guests some time by playing a video that explains your company history, an innovative new product or the basic steps to getting involved with your agenda for the conference. This way, your staff will be free to answer the more in-depth questions that come up. Be sure to bring speaker rigging hardware to ensure a full audio-video presentation. Screens can be a useful conference resource management tool as well as an effective video marketing strategy that attracts the attention of passersby and delivers a heavily branded message.

Guest Speaking

Maybe your intended speaker had a scheduling conflict or had to cancel his appearance due to illness or maybe you simply want to be able to connect with a relevant speaker who lives across the ocean. In any case, video screens can help you bring the most relevant and highly qualified speakers to any event. With a live feed, you can even facilitate question-and-answer sessions between your attendees and the guest.