Create a Visually Stunning Video Presentation for Your Audience

Three Tips for Creating Visually Appealing Presentations

Keeping your audience interested is a challenge even for the most entertaining of speakers at professional conferences. If you’ve gotten the dreaded after-lunch time slot, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your audience interested in your presentation. These three tips will help you keep the audience in tune with the entirety of your talk.

How to Create a Visually Stunning Video Presentation for Your Audience

Use Large Video Monitors

Instead of using just one screen or monitor during your presentation, a large LCD video wall allows people seated anywhere in the room to have a great view. For the audience, missing out on the visual parts of a presentation can quickly lead to boredom and frustration. Being able to see what the presenter is talking about helps bring the talk to life.

Choose Colors Strategically

While bright yellow and neon green may be able to be seen from the back of the room, these colors might also give your audience a headache. Choose colors from the visual spectrum that are not jarring but are still bright enough to be seen. Turquoise letters on a white background or red letters on a gray background allow the eyes to focus on what is important.

Use Graphics Sparingly

Animating a chart with individual lines that move through the graph as you talk helps people have a visual understanding of the words they are hearing. However, little dancing characters or spinning words do not enhance your presentation. Choose any graphics carefully, do not include them on every slide and consider whether or not they add to the information or simply create visual clutter.