Digital Signage for your Business

Digital singage is the fastest way to deliver information, entertainment, and advertisements to consumers outside of their homes. Also known as Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) experiences, digital signage displays are a useful brand of technology that can convey messages to consumers in the most engaging and rapid method possible.

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Why do businesses choose to use digital signage?

Digital signage allows businesses to digitally showcase their products, or communicate specific messages to their target audience. By selecting the appropriate solution for your business’s needs, digital signage solutions can help deliver a variety of dynamic information to your costumers using visual or auditory components.

What are the benefits of switching to digital singage?

The areas where signs are placed are precious real estate. Using digital singage instead of traditional signage allows businesses to get more out of the limited space that they are allotted to advertise. With static signs, you can only choose to one graphic display for your product or service, and changing the graphics are a time consuming process. With digital signs, you have the ability to cycle through a number of graphics each hour, and display a variety of services.

In addition to this, digital displays can be made interactive. Displays like these can help keep customers interested and informed, as every question that they have can be answered at the push of a button.

How can it help you stay current?

By nature, video walls are “current” because they are state of the art technology. Although they are not  uncommon in today’s day and age, they still give your business the appearance of being technology.

Digital signage has the added ability to be updated much faster and much cheaper than traditional static singage. You can keep your messages current and relevant by providing content distribution in real time.

What is the future of digital signage?

Video walls are not new technology, however recent years have brought about a boom in their demand. Digital signage has experienced exponential growth since it’s implementation, and it’s potential applications will only continue to increase in future years. As technological advances continue, the technology will become cheaper, more reliable and more prevalent. Get ahead of the curve and implement this emerging technology today.

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Innovations in Video Wall Display Technology

As technology continues to become more advanced, so will the applications and uses of video walls. With thousands of video walls already in use helping businesses better promote their products and services, look for future video wall technology to continue to push the boundaries of digital signage and advertising. Here are some of the latest trends in video wall technology that will help shape the industry for years to come.

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Thin is in

Much like the onslaught of cracker-thin high definition televisions in recent years, thin video walls are becoming the norm for businesses looking to best promote their brands. Thin video walls offer stunning picture quality and are easier to transport and install than traditional video wall frames, providing the ease and quality that your company is looking for in a digital signage solution.

Able to withstand any weather

One of the main features that companies are looking for in video walls is the ability to withstand any type of weather. Video walls are being designed to handle harsh public environments, including rain, sleet, snow and hail. Additionally, businesses are looking for video walls that can be running 24/7, along with being able to put up with the roughest weather imaginable.

4K or bust

Companies across the nation are looking for the clearest image possible when promoting products or services with video walls. That is why so many brands are opting for video walls that offer 4K resolution, which is nearly four times clearer than traditional 1080p displays. In addition to 4K resolution, many companies are looking for advanced features such as DisplayPort 1.2, which offers 4K resolution and external control of your video wall.

Future trends in video walls

Video walls aim to offer features that will help your brand stick out from the crowd. Projection options such as edge blending, video mapping or mix-use video walls can offer your company the assistance necessary to make a splash with potential customers.

The future for video wall technology looks bright; offering more features that will help companies’ better market products and services to customers. For more information on video walls or for assistance with audio video solutions, contact Adaptive Technologies Group today at (562) 424-1100.

What Makes a Good Video Wall?

The use of video wall displays is becoming increasingly common across all industries. It allows businesses to deliver information in a brilliant, efficient, and engaging manner. The immersive and appealing visual displays make a larger than life impact, and deliver an impression that is not easily forgotten.

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Tech specs

The year 2015 is an exciting time for video display walls. Many brands offer full HD, all-digital displays with upward of 4k (3840 x 2160) resolution. Video walls with over 8k resolution are even beginning to make a splash in the market! When installing a video wall, the general rule of thumb is this: the more resolution, the better. However, your devise’s technical specifications should suit your needs.

No matter what your needs may be, it’s important to use the best quality monitors on the market. Since these screens run continuously day in and day out, color quality and durability can become an issue with low quality screens. Ensure that all hardware components should match. This way, bandwidth restrictions don’t become a problem.

Building requirements

A good video wall needs to be mounted on a surface that is completely flat, and uniform across the entire area. Mounts need to be secure, as unsecure mounts can raise safety concerns. Have a structural engineer ensure the wall can be mounted safely.

Consider power, and cooling needs. When so many screens are used in a small area, a lot of heat can be generated. Fan installation and ventilation will need to be a part of the project and budget. Also, so many screens can’t run on a single outlet. Have dedicated power, and don’t forget about surge protection!

While mounting, it is also important to pay close attention to spacing and alignment. The human eye can pick up on a misalignment of just a few millimeters, and the quality of your video display will suffer. Consider hiring an expert to handle mounting, as a future realignment can be costly.

ADA mounting requirements

It is also important to hire a professional to install your visual displays, as certain requirements must be met in order to comply with ADA regulations. For example, displays must be less than 4 inches in depth away from the wall, as protruding objects can cause problems for blind individuals using walking canes.

For more information on custom video display walls, contact Adaptive Technologies group at (562) 424-1100 today. Our qualified experts will use or decades of experience in engineering and design to create a beautiful display that meets your needs.