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High Quality Ceiling Speaker Mounts

When it comes to mounting speakers for any large-scale event, it is important to leave the hard work to a professional to ensure that everything is installed properly. It is a task that requires considerable skill and expertise, especially dealing with ceiling mounts. It is also vital that only the highest quality speaker mounts are utilized to prevent property damage, or even personal injury.

Adaptive Technologies Group has been an innovative and respected source for ceiling speaker mounts in the Los Angeles area since 1988. We have helped companies around the world set up AV systems that will be experienced by millions of people each year, for clients such as:

All our designs meet strict quality standards and are structurally load-rated to ensure quick installation and the highest level of safety. You can be sure your speaker mounts will provide a high quality AV experience for many years to come, at affordable prices that will suit any company’s budget. To further ensure the quality of our products and suspension design, not only do we have a team of structural engineers working on all our design projects, we also involve third-party evaluators to guarantee the safety of all our ceiling speaker mounts.

We currently offer the following types of mounts:

Since we offer a variety of sizes and weight limits in each category, you are certain to find the one that meets your needs.

Not only do we offer top-of-the-line speaker mounts, we differ from most other companies by also providing video mounts. This allows you to use Adaptive Technologies Group as your one-stop shop for all your audio and visual display needs. Our standard, off-the-shelf designs are available to serve your immediate needs, while our custom solutions offer the flexibility to create the perfect AV experience for your event.

To learn more about how our ceiling speaker mounts can take your upcoming AV project to the next level, call us today at (562) 424-1100. Let us help you find the perfect AV solution for your needs.