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Effective Digital Signage Solutions

When it comes to digital signage, it takes a lot to stand out from other companies. Every business is looking for something that will make them a unique company that people can really get behind. An effective display goes a long way toward getting your company the audience you want.

At Adaptive Technologies Group, we can help you get your message out to consumers by providing the digital signage solutions you need. We have been one of the top sources for audio and video mounting displays in the Los Angeles area since 1988 and are proud to have provided AV setups for major companies all over the world. Our designs have been experienced by millions of people, with both permanent displays and rentals for:

We also offer model-specific mounts for displays made by a variety of companies, including:

You can be sure your digital signage solutions will provide a high quality AV experience for many years to come, at affordable prices that will suit any company’s budget.

Great products at great prices

All of our products meet strict quality standards and are structurally load-rated to ensure quick installation and the highest level of safety. To ensure the safety of our speaker hardware, we offer structural testing in our destructive testing facility with a large capacity 5-ton press, digital load cell, analog plotter and video recording equipment. Not only do we have a team of structural engineers working on all our projects, we also involve third-party evaluation to ensure their safety.

If you would like to add an audio component to your signage, we also provide mounting and rigging for audio equipment. Our project engineers and expert staff can create a complete suspension design package for you, complete with perspective CAD drawings, bill of materials, x-y proofs, weights and working load calculations. With the available speaker mounts and hardware from Adaptive Technologies Group, your digital signage will come together as the perfect AV setup for your event.

To learn more about our digital signage solutions and how we can take your upcoming AV project to the next level, call us today at (562) 424-1100.