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½″ Eye Nut, Drop-Forged



Eye nuts can be used to create hang points off of threaded rods and create multiple tiers by threading them over eye-bolted assemblies. Forces transfer in-line to take advantage of the high tensile working load (WLL) of the eyebolt shaft. Unless otherwise specified all eye nuts are produced in the USA and structurally load-rated to an ultimate yield design factor of 5:1. The drop forge process assures that these parts are consistently manufactured to very exacting and predictable standards, especially important in overhead applications.

There are no available working load values when side loading eye nuts. Use extreme caution if a side load is required, as in bridling and never exceed 45 degrees off the centerline of its threaded hole.

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Diameter: -  
Color: Black  
Design Factor: 5:1  
WLL: 2240 lb. / 1018 Kg.  


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