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Loudspeaker Rigging Solutions Datasheets

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Planar Arrays





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Adjustable SocketMount™



Planar Arraying System for Professional Loudspeakers

This low profile suspension system provides a reliable and easy-to-install technique for rigging loudspeakers in 2-wide and 3-wide clusters, both horizontally and vertically.

FasPac kits include top and bottom load-rated clustering plates with adjustable splay angles that help shape and direct sound that helps avoid comb-filtering and to maximize voice intelligibility. Hang points are built into these plates for rigging from overhead, as well as for adding another tier below.

When speakers are clustered and adjusted in a horizontal orientation, they can be aimed and splayed based on their proximity to the audience. This type of cluster requires less overhead clearance than line arrays, which is especially helpful when line of sight is important.

When arranged into a vertical orientation, loudspeakers are placed into a line array-like configuration that helps solve for specific acoustic venue requirements using standard loudspeaker cabinets.

Full clusters may be steered toward the audience by using one of several Steerables® designs, including One-Way-Array and GridLink. They help build in more flexibility and acoustic precision. Because FasPac is pre-engineered, installations are fast, safe and very predictable.

FasPac kits are model specific and are offered for a wide range of loudspeakers. See the loudspeaker manufacturer listing below to search for the model speaker you wish to install.

Warning: Mounting and/or suspension of loudspeakers requires experienced professionals. Improperly installed loudspeakers can result in property damage, personal injury and/or liability to the installing contractor.
Always use safety cables.