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Flyable Video Walls & Projectors


Assemble and fly seamless concert quality video walls quickly and securely using the Adaptive’s singlular modular LCD framing system for LCD and Plasma video monitors.

Overhead Rigging Solutions

Today’s technology lets you display huge images across multiple screens to present ‘Bigger-than-life’ messages to targeted audiences. Adaptive provides the engineering and the frame work to make that possible. Adaptive has been the leader and pioneer in rigging large format video walls for venues around the world. Adaptive’s ultra-rigid interlocking Hover-Grid™ frames, for instance make setting up for a trade exhibit fast, safe and predictable. For more permanent applications and in any configuration up to 5X5, Adaptive provides its VWD mounting frames design.
For added safety, Adaptive strongly recommends that all overhead installations are inspected for integrity at least once per year.

LCD Video Walls

Fly your messages safely indoors and in full view over your target audience with Adaptive Flyable modular video wall rigging system. No longer are you limited to walls and expensive kiosks. Design your video wall to be as large and impressive as you desire and put your messages anywhere your audience will be.


LED Video Walls

What goes up, must come down and Adaptive makes that happen so easily. Lifting and lowering video walls is as easy as turning a switch. Adaptive starts with the total combined weight of the video wall, the hoists and hardware then specifies the size hoist that will lift and lower the video wall with a margin of safety.


Projector Cages

Adaptive provides the complete package when it comes to motorized lifts. There are three major elements to a lift system, including the hoist or winch, the voltage breakout modules and the electric wall switch. They are shipped to the job site along with a schematic showing the electrical contractor what power is required and how they are to be wired.


Hoists & Components

If you can dream it, we can build it. Adaptive has developed nearly every configuration conceivable from back to back video walls to four-sided video displays for convention centers, factories, retail centers, universities and airports. Bring your project to Adaptive;s expert designers for the solution that meets your clients needs.


Flyable Wall Products

2 Ton Lift System

Let Adaptive engineer the hoist and electrical system to build in height flexibility and assure trouble-free service and maintenance.

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ATG Break Out Box

Weight: 6 lb./2.7Kg | Voltage: 220, 3-phase & 110, 1-phase | Amps: 20 | Power connector: L16-20 | Control connector: L14-20

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ATG 2 Channel Wall Switch

Weight: 7 lb./3.2 Kg | Voltage: 110, 1-phase | Amps: 20

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HoverGrid® Series | Modular Video Flyable System

Assemble and fly large concert quality and seamless video walls, quickly and securely.

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