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Ground Supported Video

Permanent Video Wall Solutions

Adaptive Technologies Group engineers rugged, load rated permanent video wall installations accross the globe. Below is an example of one such installation built for N-Effect Productions.

Ground Supported Video Walls

Today’s technology lets you display huge images across multiple screens to present ‘Bigger-than-life’ messages to targeted audiences. Adaptive provides the engineering and the frame work to make that possible. Adaptive has been the leader and pioneer in rigging large format video walls for venues around the world. Adaptive’s ultra-rigid interlocking HoverGrid™ frames, for instance make setting up for a trade exhibit fast, safe and predictable. For more permanent applications and in any configuration up to 5X5, Adaptive provides its VWD mounting frames design.

Ground Supported LCD

Be it retail space or command and control center, Adaptive designs and builds any size video displays for its specific environment and delivers all of the elements needed to yield your desired result.


Ground Supported LED

Adaptive designs and builds easy to install and any size video displays using close tolerance permanently installed frameworks that impresses and delivers your message.



Put Adaptive’s engineering know-how to work to build your next “bigger-than-life” LED or LCD display using their quick set up and time proven modular technologies.


Touring Solutions

Take Adaptive on the road using their compact and time saving ground support gear to set up and tear down shown in half the time it takes using conventional equipment.


Ground Supported Products

Loc-n-Load® | Ground Support System

Loc-n-load® sets up and packs up in half the time that it takes using conventional ground support methods.
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HoverTrack® VWD Series | LCD Monitor Grid System

Build seamless, rugged video walls with ease using the HoverTrack® series of products.

View the HoverTrack® VWD Series Data Sheets

VWD-2X2-55-STND | Ground Support Stand

This mobile video wall stand is perfect for large mobile digital signage.

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HoverTrack® VWD-2X2 Video Wall Build

Watch this instructional animation of our HoverGrid® in action.

View the HoverTrack® VWD Series Data Sheets

HoverTrack® VWD-3X3 Video Wall Build

Watch this instructional timelapse of our HoverGrid® in action.

View the HoverTrack® VWD Series Data Sheets

Loc-n-Load® | Build Video

Watch this instructional animation of the Loc-n-Load ground support system.

Download the Data Sheet