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Your Top Choice for High Quality Video Walls

Video walls are quickly becoming a favorite for many different events and trade shows. Adaptive Technologies Group is your national and international business solution for video walls and other audio or visual services. Our unparalleled passion for designing and manufacturing custom audio and visual solutions has been repeatedly recognized during our more than 25-year history. We are your one stop shop for commercial AV design, manufacturing and installation; let us help you find the perfect video wall for your next event today.

Adaptive Technologies is your choice for video walls

At Adaptive Technologies Group, we pride ourselves in offering high quality visual solutions, such as video walls, coupled with outstanding customer service. We are able to do this thanks to our highly trained and knowledgeable experts. With experience in areas such as engineering, manufacturing and production, our well-rounded staff knows how to provide you with the best commercial visual service possible.

The top choice for many well-known brands

With thousands of our AV solutions already in use around the world, we have helped companies of all sizes with their audio and visual issues. We have helped some of the largest companies on earth offer stunning AV solutions to customers, including:

What sets us apart?

One of the main reasons we are recognized as professionals in the AV industry is because of our commitment to safety. All of our video wall designs are structurally load-rated and certified to meet strict standards. We are the only business in the video industry that does safety working mode evaluations. We also employ structural engineers and third party evaluators to guarantee the safety of our products.

At Adaptive Technologies Group, we also pride ourselves on our manufacturing complex and design center. Our designers are able to create, test and manufacture a variety of AV solutions, ensuring that the products utilized in your AV system have been properly assembled and monitored. We are able to make installation faster, longer lasting and safer thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing complex and design center.

If you are interested in learning more about our audio and video solutions, visit Adaptive Technologies Group online or call the experts at (562) 424-1100 today. We look forward to helping your business offer customers the highest quality AV products and services today.