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MultiMount™ MM-120

Pan and Tilt Speaker Mount

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The MM-120 Speaker Mount is a very sturdy and adjustable speaker mount that is safe and exceptionally easy to use when installing large format loudspeakers.

It accommodates up to 120 lb. and several key features make this a superior mount design including;

It offers multiple mounting hole patterns 6.88” X 3.44” and the 2.75” X 5” and two VESA mounting hole patterns, 75 mm X 75mm and the 100 mm X 100 mm.

The bracket’s pivot housing provides 65 degrees of tilt adjustment and its screw-drive thumb wheel adjustment makes tilting speakers very stable. The pivot housing also provides a

full 180 degrees of pan rotation, usually more than the installed speaker will allow or need. A clutch style lock holds it in position.

The wall bracket accommodates stud mounting with two centrally located mounting/alignment holes and a slot that allows for the final plumb adjustment. Four outer holes allow it to be secured to other structural surfaces.

The speaker mount’s extension tube accommodates all the weight of the speaker when it is inserted into the wall bracket. This makes it easy for the installer to insert the tube in the extended or stowed position, thus providing a third critical adjustment, the speaker distance from the wall.



  • 3.44” x 6.88” - 88 x 175mm
  • 2.75“ x 5” - 70 x 127mm
  • 3.93” x 3.93” - 100 x 100mm
  • 2.93” x 2.93” - 75 x 75mm


  • 1 pc. Wall Mount Assembly
  • 1 pc. Tube Extension
  • 1 pc. Speaker Mount Assembly
  • 1 pc. Hardware Kit


  • Safety Cable kits (See data sheets)