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Wall Stud Adapter WP-16


Wall Stud - WP-16


Stud Adapter For Wood and Metal Wall Studs

The wall stud adapter plate is used to bridge two structural studs offering a secure surface mounting for specific Allen Products mounting designs including SocketMount, Steerables Wall Mount, Multimount 120 and more. It bridges both standard 16” wood and metal construction wall stud spacing.

The wall stud adapter plate is made from rugged alloy steel with two horizontal flanges for added rigidity. The assembly is finished with a baked-on powder coat paint.

The WP-16 may be mounted over dry wall, plaster and other wall materials, as long as it is anchored into the structure. It can even be embedded underneath the wall material for a clean appearance.






  • Material: Structural Steel Alloy
  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Color: Black Texture
  • Pack Count: 1 unit/carton
  • Meets the specifications of selected mountxw

Adapts to the following Allen designs:

  • SocketMount™
  • Steerables® Wall Mount
  • MultiMount™ 120
  • Wall Arm SAS-100-20




1 pc. Wall stud adapter plate
3 pcs. 3/8” Flat washers
3 pcs. 3/8-16 Flange nut