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SocketMount™ Datasheets

Fixed Arm SocketMount

Adjustable Arm SocketMount (SM-075-AS)

PoleStar pa-010 Datasheet




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SocketMount™ Fixed Arm

The SocketMount™ serves both as a permanent and temporary wall mounting device for loudspeakers equipped with pole sockets. It provides up to 180° of pan rotation and folds down against the wall when not in use. It’s easy-on, easy-off feature allows loudspeakers to relocate to multiple locations such as to other SocketMounts™ and/or tripod stands thus, reducing the number of required loudspeakers and freeing up more floor space.

Warning: Mounting and/or suspension of loudspeakers requires experienced professionals. Improperly installed loudspeakers can result in property damage, personal injury and/or liability to the installing contractor.
Always use safety cables.

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