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Manufacturers Training

Reinventing hardware, research and fabrication take up too much of your time. Come see how we can help you avoid these time drains and deliver big time-savings at one of our upcoming Audio and Video Installation Solutions and Techniques workshops.

Learn first-hand why certain designs save more time than others, provide more adjustments, how best to plan installations and understand of how the combined Adaptive Technologies Group companies serve as a large resource to help make contractors more competitive.

Learn best practices for installing audio and video equipment, what time saving tools are available and how standard off-the-shelf and custom load rated designs make planning easy and speed up the installation process.

This workshop will go into details of safety engineering, planning, sound and video aiming, how to calculate safe loads and why, how to specify and use the right mounting and/or rigging solutions, as well as many other important time and money saving ideas.

Take advantage of our decades of installation expertise and book your entire design and installation crew into one of our next low cost regional workshops. If there are ten or more attendees from your firm, we can arrange to have the training session scheduled at your facility. For more information, contact us at training@adapttechgroup.com

NSCA Parter Provider

NSCA University

ATM is an NSCA Partner Provider.

Earn learning units towards EST renewal and the Certificate of Completion Program. Students holding the EST certification can earn 12 Learning Units toward the renewal of their EST certificate. Students can also earn 8 Learning Units towards the NSCA Certificate of Completion Program in the College of Technical Knowledge.

Need more information on NSCA University and EST Certification?
Visit www.nsca.org