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Permanent Spec Sheet

VLA 601/901/301 Grid

Adjustable Spec Sheet

VLA 601/901/301 Grid


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JBL - VLA Line Array Rigging System

VLA Line Array Rigging System - LD Systems standford Field, Antigua

VLA Line Array Rigging System

ATM Fly-Ware has created a wide variety of easy to install rigging options for JBL’s large format VLA301, VLA601 and VLA901 line array loudspeakers that accommodate almost any medium to large venue.

Each rigging option is structurally designed to support many times the weight of entire clusters of speakers. Choose from three weather ratings, indoor, outdoor/covered or marine grade. You may also select between a fixed angle version with pre-determined splay angles and a fully splay-adjustable version that provides all the settings required of JBL’s acoustic modeling programs.

Rugged overhead grids and pull back grids are part of the product line up, as are step brackets that allow the use of different cabinet sized that are used in the same cluster. This provides the ability to shape the sound for a wider variety of applications.

For more information about ATM Fly-Ware contact us at sales@adapttechgroup.com