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3/8” Wire Rope Sling




ATM Fly-Ware maintains a comprehensive inventory of standard length wire rope slings and in a variety of diameters to accommodate various working load requirements. They are produced domestically and load rated to assure safe and predictable installations. Wire rope assemblies are the most economical way so span and bridle from overhead structures and, because they are produced in the factory, their length tolerance accuracy and integrity far exceeds those produced in the field.

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Material: Steel Aircraft Cable 7X19
Diameter: 3/8” .375 / 10mm
Finish: Galvanized
Color: Silver
Design Factor: 5:1
WLL: 2880 lb / 1310 Kg
Assembly: Thimble Steel
Swage, Zinc plated copper


Part Number Length in " Material Color WLL
3/8X1 12" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg
3/8X2.5 30" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg
3/8X5 60" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg
3/8X10 120" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg
3/8X20 240" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg
3/8X30 360" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg
3/8X40 480" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg
3/8X50 600" STEEL SILVER 1400 lb / 636 kg

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